Rock Climbing and Zip Line

Briarwood is equipped with a 450 ft Zip line, 35 foot climbing tower, vertical climbing ladder, vertical playpen, and Jacob's Ladder.  

These activities are used throughout the summer and during retreat season. All activities on and attatched to the climbing tower are run by rock wall and zipline certified Briarwood Staff.

Only individuals at least 8 years of age and 35lbs are permitted on the climbing tower

All Climbers must submit a signed safety release form prior to participating in any of the aformentioned activities

If you have any questions or interest in this activity email


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Deep in the woods you have the opportunity to experience a medieval sport. Under the watchful eye of cerified instructors, you will be taught how to use use modern tools to hone in on your archery skills.


Briarwood may be surrounded by the suburbs, but its woods provide habitat for abundant wildlife. Escape city life to hike the 5 miles of trails to explore this beautful sanctuary!

Lawn Games
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Briarwood has a number of fun lawn games that can be utilized by your group. Some of these games include can jam, air square, bean bags, Kubb, large Jenga, horseshoes, and more!

If you would like to see the availability of these Items contact